Weight gain program

Excess weight is not the only problem. Sometimes being underweight can be a struggle. Gaining weight can be as challenging as losing weight. If you think eating high-calorie foods is a solution then you are correct but more incorrect. As there is a huge misconception about weight gain.

Gaining weight incorrectly can increase fat deposition and negatively impact health. It is important to eat mindfully while adding calories to your meal. 

Why weight gain is important?

Weight gain is important for people falling under the category of underweight or low BMI (body mass index). People falling under a BMI of less than 18.5 are considered underweight. Improper diet, and medical health problems (physical and mental) are common reasons for being underweight. 

Weight gain program

From the health perspective gaining weight is as important as losing weight. Some of the serious health problems associated with being underweight include –

  • Poor bone health (reduced bone mineral density)
  • Poor immune system 
  • Vulnerable to heart problems 
  • Complications during or after surgical procedures 
  • Feeling always tired 
  • Frequent skin problems
  • Hair fall
  • Pregnancy risk increases in underweight women
  • Irregular menstrual cycle  

Being underweight indicates a deficiency of nutrients that are essential to maintain overall health. For the body to function optimally it is extremely important to have a healthy body weight. 

Depending on the cause of being underweight your healthcare provider will recommend a weight gain program. Some of the causes of underweight are –

  • Health problems that include mental health and physical health issues
  • Engaged in a lot of physical activity 
  • People with high metabolism do not gain much weight despite eating much 
  • Underweight running in the family 

Importance of weight gain program 

High-calorie foods help in weight gain but consuming empty calories can put on body fats without meeting the nutrient requirement. This eventually makes way for health problems. Undertaking a weight gain program is being under continuous supervision and guidance from dieticians and health consultants. It helps you attain a healthy weight in the correct way by modifying your food habits and lifestyle

Some of the simple measures for weight gain include eating small meals frequently, avoiding empty calories, add snacks and foods that are high in calories and nutrients. Your healthcare provider may recommend certain medications if lifestyle and dietary changes do not work. 

A weight gain program is the first step for underweight treatment. The dietician and healthcare providers work together to tailor the diet to the need of an individual. 

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