Refund Policy

Kayakalp offers the most efficient and effective diet plans for their clients as per their age, structure and body types. We design the plan as per the information disclosed by the clients. This is just a suggestive plan and do not guarantee anything.

We all are aware that everyone has a different body structure and metabolism so, weight loss might happen for few and inch loss might happen for others. This involves a complete lifestyle change for you to have a good weight loss as weight loss does not happen overnight. If the client does not follow the plan, or still consumes junk food along with the plan, or binge eats to satisfy his cravings, Kayakalp does not make any claims for guarantee of weight loss and thus the payment is non-refundable. No such requests will be entertained to refund the payment.

We request everyone to go through our website and our brochures before making the payment. We will not refund any amount once payment is done under any circumstances. Also, you are not eligible for Cancellation at any given point of time or postponement of the plan. Any such cancellation will result in forfeit of the payment made and we are not liable to refund any amount.

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