How to lose weight with thyroid medication?

The thyroid is an important gland that regulates metabolism and controls the growth and development of the body. Under certain situations when our body needs more energy, the thyroid gland produces more hormones. The effect of the thyroid gland on weight is not uncommon to hear about.

If your thyroid is under-reactive it indicates less secretion of thyroid hormones. Under such conditions, it is not easy to lose weight. Similarly, over-reactive thyroid makes it hard to gain weight. Hypothyroidism or less reactive thyroid gland slows the metabolism and makes it a laborious task for the body to lose weight.

There is a belief that thyroid medicines can help you lose weight. So, we shall learn here how thyroid medicines can affect your weight.

Why does hypothyroidism lead to weight gain?

The main reason for weight gain in hypothyroidism is poor metabolism. Given below are some of the reasons that lead to weight gain in hypothyroidism –

Slow metabolism

A healthy metabolism quickly converts nutrients into energy but when metabolism is slow the body burns fewer calories. As a result, calories convert into fat tissues.

Feeling tiredness

Feeling tired is one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism as the under-reactive thyroid is not able to meet the cell’s requirements. When you are constantly tired it makes you inactive as a result the fat keeps on adding.


Under depression, a person becomes demotivated and keeps herself/himself away from social life or physical activities. This leads to weight gain

Pain in joints and muscles

Thyroid problems can cause joint pain and muscular pain, making a person less mobile. This leads to weight gain which can worsen your joint pain and muscular pain.

Is it possible to lose weight while on thyroid (hypothyroidism) medication?

While you are under medication, your dose of medicine and what time you take the medicine is important. You may start noticing the weight loss after 3-6 months of medication. Weight loss may occur as the body gets rid of water weight but not fatty tissues.

Medicines used to treat hypothyroidism speed up the metabolism. As a result, you may observe significant weight loss. Such practice was much used in the past to help people lose weight. But too much of such medication may result in putting up more fats around. If you want to know how let us learn further.

Under medication when thyroid hormone becomes excess it causes symptoms such as anxiety, sleep disturbance, weakness in muscles, sensitivity towards heat, etc. Under anxiety, a person can often indulge in overeating to comfort themself. This can hugely add those adipose tissues that may make you unfit to get into your favorite outfits.


What measures can be taken to control weight gain under thyroid (hypothyroidism) medication?

No matter how firm you are in your dietary and lifestyle changes, it is very hard to see the changes in the scale when your thyroid is under reactive. The severity of your hypothyroidism decides the increasing numbers on your weighing scale.

Take medicines in the proper dose and at the right time

Take your medicines as prescribed by your doctor. The right dosage of medicine can stop your further weight gain and can make weight loss easier. Medicines will not help you shed pounds but following a proper diet and lifestyle can help.

Change your diet

Eliminate high-calorie foods from your diet. Eat a balanced food that is low in calories but does not follow a strict diet. Discard foods that have zero nutrients and eat foods that are rich in energy.

Avoid desserts and replace them with fresh fruits, sugary drinks with water, and white bread with whole grains. Choose a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and lean protein. Taking all these small steps can help you lose weight.

Keep moving

Keeping yourself active maintains the metabolism and improves the efficiency of the fat-burning process. Engage yourself in activities that you enjoy, this will keep you active without putting much effort.

Relieve stress

Managing your stress balances hormones and manages your weight. Taking certain measures such as meditation, taking proper sleep, etc can help in relieving stress. 

To conclude

It can be very challenging to lose weight while you are suffering from hypothyroidism or is under thyroid medication. Adopting some healthy habits and making the right choice of foods with natural supplements can help you lose weight.  

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