How to lose weight after C-section?

It is easy to get convinced when people around say it’s normal to gain weight after C-section. But then there are mommies like you who think differently and stand out in keeping themselves fit.

Worried if you can get back to shape after C-section? Did a lot of searches on the internet? Then, leave your worries to us, as we shall learn here some of the tips that can make your weight loss possible. Weight loss is a slow process but not impossible.

Here are some of the smart ways to lose weight and promote good health.

Check your eating habits

Pregnancy changes eating habits as you also need to eat food for the growth and development of a baby. Post-pregnancy also demands nutritious foods, especially for breastfeeding mothers. Hence making a smart choice is critical to meet the nutrient requirement for you as well as your baby. You can plan your diet that includes the following –

•          Plant-based foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains

•          Limit sugar and salt

•          Go for lean protein

•          Check the portion size

Have patience

Recovery after C- section takes time, usually around 6-8 weeks. When weight loss is your goal, focus on reducing the overall body fat not just the fat around the waist.


Breast feeding uses the stored fat cells along with calories from the food you eat, this helps in milk production and so you can feed your baby. Breastfeeding helps in shedding a few pounds gained during pregnancy. But also remember that you need to meet the daily calorie requirement to have a healthy milk supply.

Do not restrict foods but make a smart choice

Please don’t deprive yourself unnecessarily, instead find out the ways to add nutrition to your diet. When you add nutrient-dense foods to your diet, you avoid unhealthy snacking and prevent cravings and this also helps you manage your blood sugar level. All these play an important role in weight loss.

Sleep adequately

Being a mother can take a toll on your sleep pattern. Insufficient sleep affects metabolism, and milk production, increases your hunger and you tend to make wrong food choices. All these contribute to weight gain. Hence getting enough sleep can help you a long way in your weight loss goal.

Stay hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated can prevent false hunger and resist the craving. Drinking enough water is essential for milk production as much of it goes to the baby through milk. And this indicates that a feeding mother needs to drink more water. Water is the best choice to keep yourself hydrated and avoid drinking sugary drinks and juices that can add a lot of fats to your body.

Do not use post pregnancy belts until prescribed

Avoid using post-pregnancy belts to strengthen the core muscles. Let your core muscles work on their own with a proper nutritious diet plan. Use the belt only if your doctor recommends it. It may help you lose fats and also protect the incision.

Use of supplements

Weight loss supplements may support your weight loss. These supplements benefit weight loss by improving metabolism or suppressing appetite. But you need to take professional advice or rather consult your doctor before using supplements for losing weight. These supplements are not a magic pill so do not expect immediate visible results.

Authentic weight loss supplements support weight loss goals but will take time to get some results.

Eat foods rich in fiber

Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that the body is not able to digest but is still excellent for the digestive system. It regulates blood sugar and since it takes time to move through the digestive system it keeps you full for a longer duration. A diet rich in fiber plays a critical role in weight loss after C-section. It prevents constipation and maintains bowel health, this helps in burning fats around the abdomen. Fresh fruits are a rich source of fiber and must be incorporated into your daily diet.

Lean proteins

Lean protein foods must go along with fiber-rich foods. It is beneficial in keeping you full so that you do not snack in between your meals. Apart from its benefit in fat loss it also promotes muscle building. Lean proteins are a source of amino acids that helps in repairing and muscle building.


Shedding weight after C-section will take a couple of weeks. It takes time for the uterus to get back to normal shape and the body eliminates excess fluid in a few weeks. As a result, you may see visible changes in the abdomen. But to eliminate the remaining fat deposits, the above methods can surely benefit weight loss.

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