Weight loss tips for new moms

Weight gaining is a problem for most of the individual due to sedentary lifestyle. An individual tends to gain more weight easily than lose weight. In case of women they tend to gain more weight easily when compared to men. Owing to hormonal changes and pregnancy women have more tendency to gain more weight than men. Genetic predisposition is also one of the factors.

New moms tend to gain more weight as they have no time to care for themselves rather they keep running behind their kid and family. If mother is working she has t o juggle between multiple work. So it becomes all the more important for working mothers to incorporate healthy lifestyle and take time out of their busy schedule for themselves. As being a mom and having a kid makes the normal routine task more difficult.

Tips for new moms to reduce weight

  • Stop eating away in your child plate – It becomes difficult for new moms to manage multiple roles as they too are in learning phase with this new responsibility and one of them is feeding the kid. One problem with the children is they do not completely eat their meals and mothers out of habit tend to avoid food wastage by eating their child’s plate out and tend to eat more than the normal. So, moms should avoid finishing their kids plate out.
  • Learning from the kid to eat when needed – new moms due to busy schedule and running after    their child tend to forget about their diet and so whenever, where ever and whatever they tend to get their hands on they munch on it. New moms should sit at a place and eat timely and when needed to avoid getting the extra kilos.
  • Redefine your dinner – New mom tends to be in hurry to get back into the shape thereby tend to cut corners of the meal by eliminating carbohydrates, fats, etc. So moms should create a healthy dinner which the whole family could enjoy without you compromising and sleeping empty stomach and thereby munching on extra carbohydrates.
  • Eat your breakfast regularly – New moms day start earlier than the rest of the family members as the kid to rise early and remain awake. So, to maintain the energy for day to day work, breakfast tends to be the foremost important meal of the day to get you going throughout the day and maintain high energy. So, oatmeal, cereals, fruit yogurt, eggs are also a healthy option for new moms to remain in shape.
  • Try planning a new meal – Give the meal a new look due the hectic schedule and multiple responsibilities new moms tend to forget the happiness of cooking and to forget the need of it and often repeat the same meal over and over again leading to making of easiest and unhealthy food and eat the same. New moms should rediscover the need of cooking and enjoy new combination and permutation to create a wholesome new meal.
  • Take a nap whenever possible – New moms tend to overwork and are constantly under pressure and always feel sleepy due to interrupted sleep cycle. Sleep is the most important part of human life it tends to reset the body and is required for healthy working of an individual. Unhealthy or not sleeping or sleeping less than the required amount leads to gaining of weight , overeating, developing stress, stress eating or becoming a couch potato leading to gaining of weight and diseases which may lead to formation of unhealthy lifestyle . So, it is advisable to new moms to have a healthy and sound sleep whenever possible.
  • Create a work-out schedule – Apart from diet and sleep a healthy workout schedule is required to get in shape and reducefat present all over the body. Try planning an exercise in routine when your kid is awake. As it wouldn’t require you to develop an alternate timeline for workout. Tag your kid along so that both of you can enjoy a healthy and fun exercise and make it a habit. It will you shed those extra kilos and incorporate a new life into you and relieve stress.
  • Find a group of moms who share a similar interest – As a new mom you should try to find a similar group of moms sharing same interest and same age group of kids so that you can share tips and together work towards healthy body and lifestyle. As it would help you to challenge yourself and other moms and help you to stay on track and avoid unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Free yourself from the guilt of being a parent – New moms due to becoming a parent tend to being fit again, tend to feel ashamed of the individual body and looses the desire to catch up with the life again and hit the restart button.
  • Don’t go the diet way – New moms tend to believe dieting is the best way to shed those extra kilos, but that is not true. Avoiding food or eating no food or fasting is not the right way to get in shape instead a balance diet should be followed.
  • Breastfeeding – It is said that new moms should breastfeed as it helps to shed weight and get back to pre-pregnancy shape faster.
  • Stay hydrated – Drinking plenty of water enables to fasten the metabolism and helps you to feel and keep full and enables you to eat less than the required. If possible, drink lukewarm water it metabolizes fat more.
  • Take support – New moms tend to be always overstressed with responsibility of maintaining self, family and the new born it becomes difficult to manage all by self and decreases morale of an individual. So, it is better to ask for support from your spouse and family members to boost up the morale. Take help from dietician to create a diet chart for you to get in the shape.
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