Want to lose body fat without losing muscles

What is the best and fastest way to lose body fat?

Whenever we are trying to lose body fat and trying to avoid losing muscle mass its always advised not to lose muscle. There are few exercise and tips which can prevent high loss of muscle mass and increase fat burnout.

What is the average fat content for men and women?

The average fat content for maintaining body function for male is around seven and twenty five and for the female it is between twenty to thirty six percent.

To maintain this ratio while losing fat is very important and if loss is greater than this would lead to various repercussions to body such as –

  1. Heart problems
  2. Blood sugar problems
  3. Nutritional and vitamin deficiency
  4. Eye sight problems
  5. Immunity problems

How to begin?

The best and foremost simple way is diet followed with regular exercise.

You should first set some targets to achieve so that there are some goals to look at. One must avoid trying to lose excess body weight. Safe body weight loss would be losing one to two kilograms per week initially. As we lose weight abruptly our muscle will also be lost with it.

This can be achieved by our diet by cutting excess calories intake usually five hundred calories this amount can increase or decrease with age, sex, and the activity undertaken during the day.

How to maintain muscle weight while losing fat?

The key to this problem is to maintain protein intake while cutting calories as we tend to cut dietary products in order to loose fat fast. We should maintain the protein intake by taking protein rich products such as egg, all types of nuts, tofu, beans, lentils and pulses, soya bean etc.

Fruits and vegetables

Best way to cut calories is to increase the serving of raw fruits and vegetables in the diet which would help in checking calories and maintaining nutritional content. It helps to maintain low calorie diet. You mustincorporate minimum of two to three servings per day.

Lowering carbohydrate                                                                                                                           

Saying no to large intake of carbohydrate is the best and fastest possible way a person can lose weight without added efforts. Carbohydrate range is from fifty to two hundred per day depending upon sex.

Carbohydrate found in abundant in fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy products. Low carbohydrate diet accompanied by high protein diet helps in maintaining muscle mass and low body weight.

lose body fat

Exercise, What to do?

  • Cardiovascular exercise

Cardio is the must and best way to lose body fat. This cannot be avoided at any cost and should stick to it along with maintaining diet. Initially it would be difficult to do cardio for even thirty minutes, but should focus and increase endurance to achieve at least one hundred fifty minutes of cardio or aerobics or swimming or cycling or walking exercise per week. Even it is of shorter duration initially but one should never give upon that.

  • Weight training exercise

It is important as it helps the individual to increase core strength by maintain muscle mass of the body. In weight loss regime it is impossible to avoid muscle loss. So, to avoid it an individual should start from low weight exercise. One should not jump to heavier weights as it would cause muscle tear and do more damage than good.

Low weights would increase the core strength and can be gradually increased to heavier weights and should be done two to three times per week. One should not perform same exercise whole week.

Resting in peace

Rest is the key to healing as activities performed over a week leads to lots of wear and tear and damage in the body. To compensate it body should be provided with adequate rest. One to two days of rest days per week is adequate and sufficient for the body to revive itself. Rest should not mean sleeping all day long, instead performing day to day activities normally with no exercise.

Hydrating oneself

Hydrating oneself before and after exercise is must as it leads to breaking of fat faster and helps in maintaining fluid or water balance required by the body which is lost during the day and exercise and plain water can be supplemented with juices or other non carbohydrate or sugary substances. Protein shake can be made and taken

Shorter meals and food can be taken to avoid being empty stomach before exercising and should be taken thirty minutes before performing any exercise.

Intermittent fasting

It is one of the ways to reduce body fat by changing the regular eating habit of the body. If a regular activity is followed body get used to it.

So, fasting is the best way to do that. Fasting for fifteen to sixteen hours and eating during the window period of eight hours can help in reducing weight instantly and followed for a week.

Next week along with this same fasting routine it should be supplemented by low carbohydrate diet to increase the effect and maintain the flow.

Remember, these methods should be avoided if person is diabetic or suffering from any cardiovascular disease or any disease where eating a proper and timely meal is required .

This intermittent fasting can be accompanied along with the routine cardio and weight training exercises and fasting pattern should be changed every week to avoid it becoming a habit for the body as it would decrease the effect rather than increasing it. Along with proper sleep, diet and exercise nothing is impossible.

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