Myths around pregnancy

Your ears will gather numerous advices during pregnancy. Most of your conversations will surely end with tips that have been passed on from generation to generation. Few may be valid advices but there are many that comes without any scientific reasons. However, with so many advices constantly from all directions, a woman starts believing in them without knowing the truth behind.

In this article we will learn the top 10 busted myths that surround pregnancy and the actual truth behind them.

Pregnancy Myths and facts

Here we shall discuss and clear some of the common myths during pregnancy

Myth 1 – Heart burn indicates a baby with lot of hair

Fact – Heartburn is a common complain during pregnancy. It does not indicate that a baby will have lot of hair. In fact, women with heartburn have given birth to bald babies. The hair on the baby may occur due to pregnancy hormones.

Myth 2 – Eat for two

Fact – Pregnant woman need to have extra calories but should not do overeating. There should be a gradual increase in calorie intake. Eating foods containing lot of empty calories is of no use.

Myth 3 – Shape of the stomach indicates sex determination

Fact – The size or shape of the stomach has nothing to do with gender of the baby. The fact is size of the muscles, position of the fetus, fats around the abdomen, etc shapes the stomach.

Myth 4 – You may have smooth pregnancy and delivery if your mother had the same

Fact – Every individual has a different body type and hereditary has no role in predicting the pregnancy and delivery. It is your lifestyle and your dietary habits that can determine the ease of pregnancy and delivery.

Myth 5– Morning sickness occurs as per the name

Fact – The percentage of women experiencing morning sickness in morning is comparatively lower than women feeling sick throughout the day.

Myth 6 – Coffee should be avoided during pregnancy

Fact Pregnant woman can have coffee but the quantity should be limited.

Myth 7 – Avoid sleeping on back as it may hurt baby

Fact – Sleeping on your side will comfort you more than sleeping at back. But it will not harm your baby.

Myth 8 – Vaginal delivery is not possible after cesarean delivery

Fact – Vaginal delivery is possible even if you previously had cesarean delivery.

Myth 9 – Sex should be avoided during pregnancy

Fact – Sex during pregnancy does not harm a baby. There are no complications in having sex during pregnancy unless your doctor advices not to.

Myth 10 – Hanging beautiful baby pictures will make you have a cute baby

Fact – We all know that looks and features depend on the genetics. Hanging baby pictures has no effect on your baby’s look but can serve the purpose of feel good factor to the mother.


You cannot ignore the given advices but you certainly have a control on what to follow. Following incorrect advices can be harmful. Always consult a healthcare provider before changing your diet or lifestyle.

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