Hydrating Foods for Summer – Incorporating Water Rich Foods

Hydrating Food

Water is essential for the efficient operation of our body. Water is needed for regulating body temperature, maintaining blood volume, and facilitating digestion. Proper hydration helps in the transportation of nutrients and oxygen to cells, in the removal of waste products, and lubrication of joints. Staying hydrated enhances cognitive function and physical performance, preventing fatigue, dizziness, and confusion. It also helps maintain healthy skin and supports kidney function. Inadequate hydration can lead to dehydration, causing symptoms like dry mouth, headaches, decreased urine output, and, in severe cases, more serious health issues such as kidney failure and heatstroke.

In the summer is crucial due to increased temperatures and the body’s higher fluid loss through sweating. Consuming foods and beverages with high water content, that hydrate your body, is an efficient strategy to help your body get enough water. Summer season fruits and vegetables with high water content also contain vital nutrients essential for the season. In India, we are blessed to have a huge variety of hydrating fruits and vegetables in summer. These fruits and vegetables can supply your body with the fluids it needs to stay healthy in summer. Let’s see what hydrating foods you can add to your diet this summer for good health.

Green Coconut: Green coconuts are a refreshing and hydrating choice for summer. It is clear, mildly sweet water is packed with essential electrolytes like potassium, sodium, and magnesium, making it an excellent natural rehydration solution. Unlike sugary sports drinks, green coconut water is low in calories and free from artificial additives, providing a healthier alternative for quenching thirst. The meat inside or the ‘malai’ as we call it in India is also both nutritious and hydrating.

Dahi/ Yogurt: Dahi and products made from it like lassi and chaach are excellent for both hydrating and digestive systems in summer. These must be included in the everyday diet in summer.

Cucumbers: With their high-water content, about 95%, they help keep the body hydrated, which is essential during hot weather. Eating cucumbers can assist in maintaining optimal hydration levels, preventing dehydration, and replenishing lost fluids. These are also rich in vitamin K, vitamin C, and potassium, making them a nutritious and refreshing addition to any summer diet. Their crisp texture and mild flavor make them a versatile ingredient in salads and sandwiches.

Watermelon: Watermelon is an excellent choice for summer hydration due to its high water content and refreshing taste. Water content is about 92%, making it one of the most hydrating fruits available. It is nutrient-rich and low in calories. You can eat it, drink its juice, or use it in a salad.

Litchi: Litchi, a juicy and refreshing fruit, is an excellent choice for summer hydration. This tropical delight, known for its sweet and floral flavor, is packed with water, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals, making it an ideal snack to combat the scorching heat. Their high fiber content also aids digestion, ensuring you stay light and energized throughout the day. Incorporating litchis into your summer diet not only quenches your thirst but also provides a refreshing burst of nutrition, keeping you cool and healthy.

Mango: Mango, often dubbed the “king of fruits,” is an excellent choice for summer hydration. Packed with juicy sweetness, mangoes are not only delicious but also rich in water content, making them perfect for quenching thirst on hot days. They are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin C, vitamin A, and potassium, which help replenish electrolytes lost through sweating. The natural sugars in mango provide a quick energy boost, while the fiber aids in digestion, keeping you feeling light and refreshed.

Pineapple: Pineapple is an excellent choice for summer hydration due to its high water content and rich nutrient profile. Composed of approximately 86% water, pineapple helps replenish fluids lost through perspiration, keeping you hydrated in the heat. This tropical fruit is also packed with essential vitamins and minerals, which support overall health and boost the immune system. Pineapple also contains bromelain, an enzyme that aids digestion and reduces inflammation, further enhancing its benefits during the sweltering summer months. Enjoy pineapple in smoothies, fruit salads, or simply on its own to stay cool and hydrated.

Sweet lime (mosambi): Sweet lime, also known as mosambi, is an excellent choice for summer hydration. This refreshing citrus fruit is packed with essential nutrients and has a high water content, making it perfect for quenching your thirst on hot days. Rich in vitamin C, potassium, and a variety of antioxidants, it not only helps keep you hydrated but also boosts your immune system and promotes healthy skin. Its mildly sweet and tangy flavor is refreshing, providing a natural way to replenish lost electrolytes and maintain energy levels. Incorporating sweet lime into your summer diet, whether as a juice or simply as a snack, can help you stay cool, hydrated, and healthy all season long.

Apart from these, there are many summer fruits that are excellent for hydration in summer like plums, peaches, pomegranates, and tomatoes which must be included in your summer diet. Vegetables like bottled gourd and ash gourd are also high in water content. These can be consumed as cooked vegetables and juices.

In India, there are many traditional fruit sharbats and natural beverages for much-needed refreshment and hydration. From the tangy sweetness of aam (mango) panna to the cooling properties of kokum sherbet, these drinks are crafted from locally available fruits and herbs known for their hydrating qualities.

Hydrating Food

Nimbu pani/ shikanji, made from fresh lemon juice and flavored with mint and black salt, offers a zesty alternative that replenishes electrolytes lost through perspiration. Believed to have medicinal benefits, drinks like aam panna, derived from raw mangoes and flavored with cumin and black pepper, not only quench thirst but also aid digestion. Bel sharbat, rose sharbat, phalsa sharbat, sattu are some more refreshing drinks for summer.

These beverages are not just about hydration; they are a celebration of regional flavors and culinary traditions, providing a delicious way to beat the heat and stay energized throughout the Indian summer.

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