Effectiveness of Ayurvedic Approach Towards Sexual Problems 

There are many who are suffering from sexual problems and this affects their quality of life. Some seek professional help and others suffer silently whereas there are many who avoid taking medication due to fear of side effects. So, this article aims to take out the fear of people who are not aware of the effectiveness of ayurvedic treatment in sexual problems.

Ayurvedic treatment works by managing sexual problems with herbal medicines incorporated with other measures discussed in the latter part of this article.

What are the sexual problems in men?

Sexual problems may arise as a result of physical and psychological causes. Common sexual disorders are –

  • Erectile dysfunction – the problem increases with advancing age. It is difficult to maintain an erection during sexual intercourse.
  • Premature and delayed ejaculation – premature ejaculation is a condition when ejaculation occurs before sexual intercourse. The problem may occur in any age group of men. Delayed ejaculation is a condition when ejaculation fails to occur after prolonged sexual stimulation.  
  • Low sexual desire – stress, fear, anxiety, hectic routine, or depression may cause low sexual desire in men. 

What are the sexual problems in females?

  • Painful intercourse – the problem may occur along with a burning sensation in the genital areas. Painful sexual intercourse is a result of dryness in the vagina or due to the growth of tissues in the inner lining of the uterus.
  • Low libido and orgasm issue

What happens if sexual problems are left untreated?

Sexual disorders can create tension in couples. The problem becomes worse if there is a lack of communication between the partners. When sexual problems do not improve it is important to take professional help and use ayurvedic treatment for better results.

Ayurvedic treatment for sexual dysfunction

Do you want to know why ayurvedic treatment is effective in sexual problems? Ayurveda as we all know is pure and supports a long healthy life. Ayurvedic treatment for sexual problems is effective with fewer adverse effects and healthy sex promotes longevity and is important for a healthy life in a couple. 

  • Ayurvedic herbal medicines balance the hormones as and consider the hormonal imbalance as a root cause of sexual problems. 
  • Detoxification is a part of ayurvedic treatment that removes the toxins from the body and improve the effectiveness of herbal medicines for sexual problems.
  • Ayurvedic medicines are made from herbs and used in the form of a capsule, tablets (vati), or powder. 

How ayurvedic treatment works in sexual disorders?

Herbal formulation and ayurvedic lifestyle enhance blood circulation in the reproductive system. Better the circulation better is the supply of nutrients to the muscles and nerves. This strengthens the muscles to make help in erection problems. 

Herbs used in sexual problems

Some of the common herbs that can kick out sexual problems –


It has been used for ages for erection problems in males and is also beneficial in managing low sexual desire in females.


Shatavri is used in the treatment of low libido and is also used in treating female infertility. 


It improves the male hormones and the quality and quantity of sperm. Intake of shilajit is beneficial to prolong sexual activity.


It stimulates sexual desire in both men and women. This herb has the ability to treat most of the sexual problems in males.

Kaunch powder (Cowhage)

It improves sexual desire and increases sperm count and motility. It may also help in premature ejaculation.

Dietary and lifestyle changes to manage sexual problems

  • Limit your alcohol intake
  • Quit smoking and stop using illicit drugs
  • Eat fresh organic fruits and vegetables as the chemical used for plant growth affects the nerve function in the genital area.
  • Eat foods that are high in fiber. This prevents constipation and indigestion.
  • Avoid eating excessively salty foods.
  • Eating dry fruits, ghee, and spices and drinking warm lemon water improves sexual activity and treats erectile dysfunction. 
  • Performing certain yoga poses can help strengthen the pelvic muscles and nerves.

Use of herbal oil

Herbal oil massage can help you regain strength and stamina and this improves the sexual problem. The application of herbal oil also improves blood circulation in the genital area and hence strengthens the muscles.


To get the best result, ayurvedic medicines used must be authentic and deprived of any preservatives or chemicals. The combination of herbs is used in the treatment of sexual problems and following a proper diet and lifestyle can accelerate the treatment. Ayurvedic treatment has shown significant results in treating common sexual problems in men and women.

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